Grandis Eucalyptus Panel

 Grandis Eucalyptus Panel
Eucalyptus panel made with wood of 18 years or more, density 580-600Kg / m3.
Sipes with horizontal (lateral) and solid finger.
Glued with Type D4 adhesive (resistant to humidity and temperature).
Sipes sanded before being glued and pressed at high frequency.
Squared and sanded panel (grain 150).

Slat widths:
Special panel. 20mm lamella from 40 to 68mm
Special panel. 29 / 35mm lamella from 19 to 30mm

Classification: AB / BB / CC
Type AB: Face A without defects (clear); face B accepts small knots or small repairs with putty.
Type BB: Accepts healthy or decayed nodes with mass on both sides.
Type CC: We accept: healthy, decayed or rotten; accepts marrow, small cracks in the middle of the piece (no mass repair).

Standard measurement (sanded and square), thickness x width x length:
29x925x2150 / 2470 / 2970mm
35x925x2150 / 2470 / 2970mm

Minimum order for standard measures: 1 to 3m3 (depends on the measure)
Minimum order for non-standard measurements: on request.
Non-standard measures that can be met:
thickness from 20 to 200mm
widths from 100 to 1220mm
lengths from 450 to 9200mm